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    Copywriter Agreement

    • Copywriters! You've found *the* contract to use with your clients.

      A well-drafted Copywriter Agreement serves as a roadmap for you and your client by clearly defining the scope of work, project deliverables, and the expected timeline for services.

      Prevent scope creep with the additional services payment clause. There's also a clause for a rush fee when suddenly the timeline has been expedited. There's a built in deliverable schedule with space for due dates. And there's an option to include use of your client's work in your portfolio.

      Buy the template once and use it again and again with each new client knowing that the legal terms are taken care of!

      Use Save15 to take 15% off your entire 1st order (excluding sale items). Enjoy!

      This Template contains:

      Services Provided

      Fees / Payment Terms

      Additional Services fee (prevent scope creep)

      Rush Fees

      Milestones and Deliverables schedule



      Intellectual Property Ownership (for your client)

      Independent Contractor identification

      Limitation of Liability

      Quick Instruction guide with tips

      And more!

      Who is this Template for?

      Copywriters in need of a service contract to use with clients.

      How do I use my Template?

      Simple! Purchase this template, fill in a few blanks with your business information and you’re ready to go!

      Upon purchase the downloadable template will be delivered to your email immediately. You may contact us with any questions regarding your order.