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    Can I hire Legal Goodness? Is it a law firm?

    Nope. Legal Goodness is not a law firm. It’s an online store created by an attorney that provides DIY legal templates, business guides and resources for small businesses, online brands and entrepreneurs.

    Many small business owners find lawyers to be expensive, time-consuming and even intimidating. This is a less expensive do-it-yourself alternative to risky sub-par internet templates or going without legal protection if you’re not ready to hire an attorney.                                       

    Does the contract apply in my state? Are these templates only for U.S. based businesses?

    The contract templates are based on general contract laws in the United States. The basic U.S. tenets of what forms a contract (offer, acceptance, something of value being exchanged, such as cash for services, etc.) are generally acknowledged and accepted by all U.S. states.

    However, as each state has its own case law and statutes, our contract templates are easily editable if need be should you choose to hire an attorney to ensure state and local compliance.

    If you cannot afford an attorney, these contract templates can provide the basic terms of an agreement between you and another party which is a lot better than a handshake deal!

    And yes, these contract templates are intended for U.S. based business owners only.

    Can I edit the contract?

    Absolutely! The templates are provided as Word documents and are yours to edit at will. These templates are made to be simple, fill in the blank solutions to quickly fulfill your business legal needs.

    If you require detailed adjustments of the agreement, hire an attorney to assist you. Otherwise, just plug in your information and your template is ready to go!

    What is the refund policy?

    Due to the non-returnable nature of digital products, all products are sold as-is and are generally non-refundable.

    May I share my contract template?

    No ma’am. Each template provides the purchaser with 1 license per use. So while sharing is not allowed, feel free to direct your friends our way.

    What if I have a problem with my order?

    Please contact us so that we may assist you with issues with your order.