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    by Legal Goodness July 20, 2022

    If you’re a podcaster, then you should use a Podcast Guest Release Form. But! Instead of using a long podcast guest agreement or nothing at all, protect your content with a 1 page form.

    Why Should You Use a Podcast Guest Release?

    When a guest appears on your podcast, that content is intellectual property. This is a valuable asset you can use again and again in your business to earn money.

    You can use a guest's voice and image in your marketing not just for the episode that they appear on but also for future promotion of your podcast.

    But to do so, you must get the Guest's permission first. Because if you do not have their explicit permission, they can restrict you from featuring their likeness and voice in any manner.

    While typically a guest agrees to appear on a podcast for self-promotion, they may have second thoughts after a show is taped if they feel they will be misrepresented, embarrassed or generally feel uncomfortable. They may want to edit or restrict certain content.

    The release form gives you the control to decide if and when to remove content when requested by the guest.

    A guest may also be less likely to ask for changes after they knowingly signed a release.

    What Should be in a Podcast Guest Release

    A Podcast Guest Release form doesn't have to be long. In fact, a 1 page intake form on a website or sent by email will suffice as long as you have the necessary protective terms.

    For instance, the form should require that the guest agrees to your right to broadcast, distribute, license or reproduce their voice, likeness and biographical information.

    You also want it to mention your right to use such information for business purposes such as your marketing of the Program including on social media and advertisements without restriction.

    Can a Guest Request Edits to your Podcast?

    While they certainly may request edits, if you have a podcast release form it will be up to you whether to grant those requests if it contains certain terms.

    Your release form should note that guests waive all rights to preview, edit, restrict or approve of the contents in the program.

    Who Owns the Podcast Episode Content?

    Well, you do if you word your release properly! It should note that you as the podcast owner will retain the sole copyright of the recording of Guest’s appearance.

    You'll also want to mention that the guest will not receive payment for their appearance.

    Could I be Sued due to their Appearance?

    It's not possible to prevent someone from filing a lawsuit, but you can certainly try to limit the act by requiring guests to indemnify you against certain claims.

    For instance, if a guest appears on your show and uses the intellectual property of a third party and that third party sues you, indemnification language could kick in requiring the guest to foot any bill for damages on your behalf.

    You also want to the guest to release you from any claims from them related to their appearance on the show including claims for libel or slander.

    For the most part, the likelihood of a suit is small but no one wants to be the exception so it's better to have these terms in your release.

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    Need a Solid Podcast Guest Release Form?

    To maintain control over the content that appears on your podcast and to obtain the right to market the show featuring guest appearances, use the Podcast Release Form at Legal Goodness.

    This way both you and your guest are on the same page (literally) when it comes to the rights to the content that is created.

    My template is easy to use. Simply fill in the blanks and you’re ready to go. You can use it again and again with each new guest. ⁠

    ⁠It includes: no guest approvals of content, no compensation and gives you the podcaster, copyright ownership.

    This Template contains: ⁠

    ⁠✨Guest Appearance Consent

    ✨No Content Approval by Guest

    ✨No Guest Compensation

    ✨Copyright Ownership⁠

    ✨Release of Liability⁠

    ✨Photo / Audio/Video Release⁠

    ⁠If you’re interested in protecting your IP, take a look at my Podcast Guest Release Form and start protecting your podcast content today.

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