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    So who doesn't love to hear some good news about their business?

    As a business owner you actively keep tabs on feedback for your products or services. And you know how to repurpose this content in your marketing.

    Bu the key is to do it in a way that gives you rights to the content! 

    How to Use a Testimonial Release Form

    When you receive testimonials, instead of immediately using them in your advertising without a second thought, have the reviewer sign a quick release first.

    This release only needs to be a few short paragraphs in length. But it can give you the freedom to use the testimonial in your marketing.

    When a customer casually leaves a comment on social media for example, they may be surprised to see their name and photo on your website a week later promoting your product or services without their permission.

    With a testimonial release, your customers have a quick, simple way to praise your business with knowledge that it may be used in your publicity and marketing.

    What Could Go Wrong if I Don't Use a Release?

    Typically not much. Most of us write and receive testimonials and go about our business.

    The issue is you never know when you will be the exception to the rule.

    There’s always that one…or two… or three that cause a fuss.

    It’s those occasions when there’s miscommunication about the consent, usage or intent of a testimonial that can disrupt your business.

    So what can come up?

    • The reviewer gives oral consent instead of written and then changes her mind about the use of her image and testimonial in your ad campaign.
    • Time goes by and reviewer forgets that he gave permission for use of his likeness in your marketing and now believes he deserves compensation.
    • The reviewer wants pre-approval before you use their testimonial in any marketing content.
    • The reviewer sues you for invasion of privacy or for you saying something they find offensive in relation to their testimonial.

    As always in business, if you transact long enough issues will arise. It's way easier to prevent then presume nothing will ever go wrong. 

    What Should be in a Testimonial Release Form

    Grant Rights. The reviewer should specifically grant your business the right to  use and distribute their image, voice, likeness and written content in your social media and marketing materials online, in print or mass media.

    Waiver. The release should also waive the reviewer's right to edit or approve the testimonial and where it appears in your marketing. You, as the business owner, want the right to use it as you see fit without restriction.

    Release. Another helpful clause is a release from any claims arising out of your use of their testimonial and likeness. You want to avoid liability for claims of intellectual property infringement, libel, slander or privacy, for example.

    No payment / Property Rights. The reviewer may also agree that no compensation was given for the release itself and that the testimonial will become the property of Company. It's helpful to spell out who owns what and to note that the review was given without being induced by payment.

    How To Collect Testimonial Releases from Customers?

    Because the release are short, it makes it easy to have your customers submit a testimonial through an online form such as Google Forms.

    It can also be signed in person, sent via email or just added to your website as a form with a consent checkbox.

    Make it easy for them to upload their photo, provide their name and business if they are also a business owner. 

    Other business owners will appreciate the free promotion for their business.

    Need a Solid Testimonial Release Form?

    Look no further! Get the most important details down in my simple 1-page form that can also be e-signed or added to your website with a checkbox for consent.

    Keep it simple for everyone. Lawyer drafted and customer approved!

    This Template contains:

    • Testimonial Release
    • No Content Approval by Customer
    • No Customer Compensation
    • Content Ownership
    • Release of Liability
    • Photo / Audio/Video Release
    • And more!

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